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Meet The Team

Dick Macon

Owner – Sales – Barge Operator

Tim Macon

Service Manager – Barge Operator/Dock and Hoist – Install/Removal Crew Leader

Dan Ferguson

Dock and Hoist Install/Removal Crew Leader

First-Aid Kit is his best friend!

Logan Biel

Dock and Hoist Crew Leader in Training

Getting you on the lake, and keeping you there. 

At Dick’s Docks and lifts, we understand that time on the lake is limited. That’s why our goal is to help get you on the lake, and keep you there. We want to help you choose the right dock or boat lift that will provide a lifetime of ease and use. We will guide you through the process of deciding on a dock or lift, and make sure the fit is right for you and your needs. We also deliver the products to your lake home, assemble everything for you, and install it for you the first time; gladly answering any questions that you may have. Rest assured, knowing that you are in good hands. 

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Business Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9am - 5pm
Wednesday: 9am - 5pm
Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm
Sunday: By Appointment