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This is our first Barge at Dick’s Docks and Lifts, inc. but it is much different than the rest of the competition. This barge is a Fork-lift Barge, and it can lift up to a 6,000-pound capacity Hoist/Lift. It is a state of the art design that functions with less labor and increased speed to allow us to do more in a day, and to help keep schedule issues to a minimum. Our barge has a flat bottom design, that drafts less water allowing us to operate in shallow water conditions. At this time there are only a handful of these special barges in the whole state of Michigan. Adding this to our service department will enable us to move just about any kind of Lift from one place to another or simply remove/install a Lift and place it on your own property or in the lake for you. Here at Dick’s Docks and Lifts, inc, we are striving to give our customers the very best service that we can provide. 

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