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With heavy duty aluminum construction combined with many boat friendly accessories we can provide a boat lift to accommodate a simple row-boat or a luxurious yacht. We offer multiple guide options such as our most popular Ultimate Guides for both standard v-hulls and pontoons. In addition to multiple guide options we offer standard deep canopies and our exclusive high rise canopies that provide maximum coverage for high profile boats without the “box style” design. We’ve developed a system that’s designed to fit your boat like a glove… and protect it like one too!

Starr Docks and Lifts

Starr Docks and Lifts have set their goals to have quality boat lifts and docks in Michigan for over 28 years. Whether your needs are simple. or your wants are extravagant, our superior product line will suit your needs. A waterfront lifestyle can mean different things to different people. For some, it means watching the sunrise with your morning coffee, fishing with children or grandchildren, laughing loudly while splashing around in the sunshine, spending time with your friends and family. Our seemingly endless configurations and many accessories that complement our docks and lifts can provide you with endless waterfront fun. Our products have been time tested and proven to provide years of worry-free lakefront enjoyment. Our designs are simple for one reason, just like our motto… “It Just Works”!

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