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lillipad diving board

What styles of boats can a LilliPad Diving Board be installed on?

LilliPad Diving Boards can be installed on nearly every boat 18 feet in length or longer with a solid, flat surface for installation. Popular boats include pontoons, houseboats, motor yachts, and cabin cruisers with integrated swim platforms. 

Will this put too  much stress on my boat?

LilliPad’s Innovation Award-winning design cancels the energy of the jumper by counteracting the force within the framework of the diving board. The result? Exciting spring-action for the jumper, a gentle wave-action for the remaining boaters and very little stress on the boat. 


lillipad marine funnel

The LilliPad Marine Funnel is designed with a system that allows the funnel to be mounted to your dock or boat lift. With a mounted funnel you are left with both hands free to lift your gas can to pour fuel. Furthermore, if you have multiple boats or PWC at the same dock, you can purchase additional mount kits to allow you to move your funnel to different locations. 

Lift Tech

Leading The Industry With Safety Measures Never Before Seen In Boat Lift Motors

When it comes to family, friends, and good times, on the water you might not want to be thinking about safety. With Lift Tech Marine products, you don’t have to. We build safety features in all of our products. Not only that, but we also test all of our products multiple times to ensure maximum safety possible. 

Our Motors will fit ANY boat life that has a wheel. Up to 7,000lb capacity. 

AC120 Volt, 12 Volt, and 24 Volt.

Installs in 20 minutes or less. 

Lift Tech Marine offers a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects on all of our boat lift motors.

ultra legs

Ultra Legs remain unequaled when it comes to advancements on the most proven pontoon leg-left design. Stronger, sturdier and quieter, they are equipped to handle the ever-increasing size of pontoon boats. 


Improve your waterfront by reducing aquatic vegetation growth around your swim area.

The HydroSweep fully adjustable dock mounted aquatic current device (ACD), keeps your waterfront, dock area, or pond clean from algae, trash, and decaying debris on the surface.

The exclusive motoreized action of the HydroSweep is effective 50 feet* or more. The HydroSweep is ideal for managing decaying bottom and floating algae. 

In addition, the HydroSweep Pro can be used as a de-icer to help protect your unprotected docks, beach houses, lakeshore line, aand other items not covered by your property insurance.  

Karavan Trailers

Get It All Done Right

We’re the leader in trailer manufacturing and innovation because we give details the attention they deserve. From welded tube frames to patented fold-down rails, we push the boundaries of functionality and quality in every Karavan product. 

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